Liveaboard Diving in Koror

What to expect on a Koror liveaboard

Liveaboard diving from Koror is the gateway to some of the best dive sites in Palau. It is one of 250 islands in this region but is inhabited by two-thirds of the entire population of all of these islands. Diving is definitely the main attraction here, and so there are many Koror liveaboards to choose from. Koror itself is a high energy island with many resorts, hotels, restaurants and much more to provide you with a good start to your Micronesia liveaboard diving experience.

Liveaboard Diving From Koror

There are a variety of Koror liveaboards to choose from that sail around the Palau area. Most go year-round to make it more convenient for anyone hoping to dive in these pristine waters.

From the coast of Koror, there are many sites all in quite close range, and most liveaboards immediately begin with two very exciting dive sites. The Chandelier Caves, where confident cave divers get to go exploring in this cave system, swimming around the glittering stalagmites and stalactites which are all throughout these caves and the other dive site is the most popular wreck in the Palau area; Iro Maru. A ship 143m (470ft) long and having sunk back in 1944 it has now created its very own underwater ecosystem, a beautiful wreck to dive around.

The famous Blue Corner dive site provides a fantastic drift dive opportunity at a naturally occurring corner absolutely filled with marine life with some of the largest schools of fish ever seen. If the larger marine species are what you are hoping to see, then diving at the German Channel Dive site will not disappoint, it is one of the top dive spots in the world to see Manta Rays, many of them.

Like many of the dive sites, Peleliu dive site will give you a dive filled with a huge variety of marine life to see, also a drift dive along a sea wall, there are excitement and beauty all in one.

As the last stop and a slight change of scenery, the Koror liveaboards visit Jellyfish Lake, where you will have the chance to swim/snorkel with over a million jellyfish in a scenic lake on a picturesque island.

All Koror liveaboards visit a large variety of dive sites, with a larger variety of marine life. There is something for everyone of all dive abilities to enjoy.

Getting To Koror

The nearest airport to Koror is located on the island of Babeldaob which is connected by a bridge to Koror. The airport is called The Roman Tmetuchl International Airport or Palau International Airport. There are only five destinations that have outgoing flights to Palau, so you would have to fly to one of these first; Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Guam. Any Micronesia liveaboards from Koror will depart from the Malakal Harbour in Koror, its main port.

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