Sardinia is the Mediterranean's second largest island after Sicily. Part of Italy, Sardinia liveaboard diving features some of the country's best underwater adventures and sights. The main diving cruises in Sardinia focus on the east coast of the island,which is sheltered from the southwest winds. Sea safari Sardinia often take divers to caverns, overhangs, and wrecks. Sardinia liveaboards may take you to sites such as the German ship wreckage from 1943, the sunken Japanese freighter from 1982, or the 8,000 ton Italian freighter that met its demise in a bombing raid during World War II. These artificial reefs make excellent homes for a large variety of colorful fish, curious octopus, and inquisitive sharks. There are great liveaboards in Sardinia that can take you to the many wonders surrounding the island. Sardinia liveaboard diving is also an easy way to journey to Grotta del Nereo for some outstanding cave diving. You may also visit Grouper Reef where there is a colony of large curious looking territorial groupers. Or, you may take a cruise to the popular marine parks Archipelago of the Maddalena and Lavezzi. Wherever you go in Sardinia you are sure to see octopus, red coral, moray eels, and a variety of nudibranchs, as you navigate the warm waters of the Mediterranean. If your liveaboard vessel takes you to dive the Cogliano, make certain you are aware of the currents in the area, which can be fast and strong at times. All in all, diving in Sardinia is an experience every diver should try to embrace and one you will not easily forget.