Somosomo Strait Snorkeling

Somosomo Strait Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Somosomo strait means having the chance to snorkel over one of the most colourful reefs you will ever come across. This reef stretches 32 kilometres (20 miles) long between the islands of Taveuni Island and Vanua Levi. Somosomo strait snorkeling means experiencing the soft coral capital of the world, and so suitably also known as Rainbow Reef. This reef is covered in soft corals of quite literally every colour of the rainbow including gorgeous pink colours, browns, oranges, blues and much more. These soft corals are fed by the incredibly nutrient rich waters which are constantly flowing due to the constant currents here; the stronger the current, the more vivid and stunning the colours are. You can see the colours shining through the crystal clear waters already from the boat! As you drift over top of this rainbow reef you will also become surrounded by its even more colourful inhabitant; the many schools of tropical reef fish which are all around.


The first and foremost are the incredible diverse number of corals, they have recorded over 220 species of hard and soft corals just in this reef alone. This stunning reef attracts many marine species including beautiful nudibranchs of all shapes, sizes and colours, schools of parrot fish with their blue/purple/green shine, anemone fish who inhabit their bright purple and blue anemones, Christmas tree worms pop up all over the place and the elusive Blue Ribbon eel. Among some of the larger species include Dolphins and Marlins which pass by here seasonally, and all year round you have the chance to snorkel above and spot some white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, sea turtles and sometimes you might spot a manta ray.


THE ZOO: This is considered the underwater zoo of this reef; here you will some of the larger species of this reef including sharks, turtles and sometimes even Manta rays!

THE GREAT WHTE WALL: Here you will see the white wall from above, but without a doubt you will still spot the beautifully coloured blue and white corals which cover this wall.

RAINBOW REEF: The main dive site of this area, this is just a huge pop of colour thanks to the many soft corals with their bright colours and even more so thanks to all the species which live here including nudis, anemone fish, Christmas tree worms and some larger species including Barracuda, white tip reef sharks and even the gorgeous leopard sharks pop out every now and then.

POT LUCK: This is the snorkel spot to snorkel above and through some huge schools of fish. Schools of Barracuda, Parrot fish, Sweetlips and Trevally. This snorkel site has slightly less colourful corals, but makes up for it with the immense number of colourful fish.


Snorkeling in Somosomo strait is possible all year round with on average the water temperatures always being pleasantly warm and the visibility excellent on average. April to October sees the main season, with July and September offering the best visibility. The water is at its warmest outside the main season when rain is more likely. The visibility ranges from 15 m (45 ft) to 40 m (130 ft) and the water temperatures range from 28C (82 F) up to 30C (86 F). There will be currents here all year round, but that's what makes this dive area what it is, it will allow you to just drift over the top these colours, no effort needed! You can either visit this reef on day snorkeling trips from Taveuni or with a liveaboard snorkeling safari.


The main international airport of Fiji is Nadi International airport, from here flights arrive from multiple international destinations including a few Australian cities, cities in New Zealand, Singapore and Hawaii. From Nadi International airport you can fly domestically to Matei Airport in Taveuni which is one of the main areas from which you can visit the Somosomo strait.