Ras Mohammed Snorkeling

Ras Mohammed Snorkeling

Snorkelling in Ras Mohammed, Egypt is an ideal location for species diversity as it is where both the Gulf of Suez (to the west) and the Gulf of Aqaba (to the east) meet. The mixing of these two bodies of water has created a rich environment, capable of supporting a highly developed ecosystem. Ras Mohammed snorkelling contains many beautiful features, including ancient underwater caves that were formed by earthquakes, and now provide shelter to a whole host of large and small creatures.

Ras Mohammed National Park is located just off the southernmost point of the Sinai Peninsula, within a Marine National Park. It was established in 1983 and sought to protect against damaging fishing methods and other harmful human activities, spanning an area of 480 square kilometres. The sturdy endeavours of the local communities implementing new policy and policing the waters has allowed for a strong resurgence in the reef's health. The result is one of the best snorkel sites in the Red Sea, just 12 km from Sharm el-Sheikh. The healthy marine life has in turn supported a vibrant bird community, and is now the site of magnificent bird migrations.

Marine life in Ras Mohammed

The reefs at Ras Mohammed mostly comprise fringing and hermatypic corals, totalling over 220 coral species that include around 125 soft coral varieties. Snorkel spots in Ras Mohammed average between 1.5 and 3.3 feet (0.5 to 1 m) deep, making them highly accessible. Not only this, but over 1000 fish species have been recorded here, as well as over 100 molluscs and 150 crustaceans. It is an excellent snorkel site for photographers, who can effortlessly enjoy the incredible biodiversity and stunning vistas provided by crystal clear waters, all within reach of a leisurely swim. Just a few of the species include lyretail hogfish, coloured half orange and half white with beautiful maroon specks, batfish, giant moray eels, purple and orange anthias, and very big Napoleon wrasse. Several species of yellow butterflyfish are also endemic to this area, while it is also possible to catch a glimpse of manta rays, whale sharks and even dolphins.

Best snorkel sites in Ras Mohammed

One of the best snorkel sites in Ras Mohammed is Anemone City, which is a short swim away from the shore. It is a shallow coral garden, densely populated by yellow anemones swaying in the gentle currents. Royal angelfish, distinctly marked in blue, yellow and silver stripes, are an especially wonderful sight to see while snorkelling over the red and purple soft corals.

Jackfish Alley is even closer to the shore, and consists of a large, sandy plateau upon which sit a great number of coral pinnacles. Smaller reef fish, particularly glassfish and anthias, encircle just above the pinnacles, creating spectacular views.

Best time to snorkel in Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed has a very dry climate, with only minimal rain during the winter months, allowing for snorkel trips to the Red Sea all year around. Air temperatures during summer often exceed 104 Fahrenheit (40C), and water temperatures are lovely and warm as a result. Waters are at their warmest between June and August, hovering around 82 Fahrenheit (28C), which drop to 68 Fahrenheit (20C) during the winter months. October and November is usually the busiest time of the year, so for a quieter experience, see if it is possible to book your liveaboard slightly before this time. Meanwhile, between July and September, hammerhead sharks visit fairly often.

How do I get to Ras Mohammed?

Reaching your snorkel tour in Ras Mohammed is very straight forward, requiring a single flight to Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport. From here it is a short journey to Ras Mohammed, or to the main port at Sharm el-Sheikh where many liveaboards depart.