Snorkeling in Djibouti

Snorkeling in Djibouti

Djibouti snorkeling is associated with pristene white swaithes of beaches and crystan clear blue waters. The Red Sea meets the Indian ocean here for a diverse range of marine life. Snorkeling in Djibouti has not yet become as popular as what it has to offer snorkellers should be. This means you can enjoy the sights here without too much tourism around to spoil it. Djibouti is a small country situated in East Africa between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Djibouti has an incredible backdrop of volcanic ranges and scenery to enjoy whilst on your snorkeling tour. These impressive blue waters are a paradise to be found and enjoyed for snorkellers. You will not be left disappointed by the underwater life here.

Marine Life In Djibouti

Best snorkel sites in Djibouti are often visited to swim alongside whalesharks. These gentle giants are the biggest fish in the world and here you have your opportunity to enjoy this on your snorkel trip to Djibouti. Some areas of Djibouti can offer you a different snorkel experience, where you can enjoy the diverse coral reef life that is brought here by the changing waters of the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea. Expect to enjoy 200 species of beautiful corals with an array of colours to feast your eyes on as well as manta rays, pilot whales and much more.

Best Snorkel Sites in Djibouti

Seven Brothers An area of 6 volcanic islands. Snorkel sites at this place include brightly coloured coral reefs, nudibranches and many species of reef fish. You may catch a glimpse of a grey reef shark at the bottom of the reef. The snorkel spots on these islands offer a bio diversity due to the Indian Ocean meeting the Red Sea creating a mix of life and interesting haloclines.

Ghoubet al Kharab This snorkel site in Djibouti is a large bay connected with the Gulf of Tadjourah and the open sea. This is where the African and Arabia continental plates meet and is often a snorkel tour in Djibouti favourite for seeing whale sharks.

Gulf of Tadjourah This bay offers you the greatest opportunity to spend a long time in the waters with the largest fish: the whaleshark. There are some reefs nearby to spend time seeing beautiful corals and tropical fish but the main draw here is your chance to see one of these majestic giants of the water, maybe more.

Best Time To Snorkel in Djibouti

SEASONS & CONDITIONS: Snorkelling in Djibouti is best from October to June. October to April will see cooler temperatures and occassional showers. The conditions here are often pristine for snorkellers and will allow you to see the great life that Djibouti has to offer. At times the rain offers snorkellers a cool relief from the heat of the day.

WATER TEMPERATURES: Outside air temperatures in Djibouti hit a maximum of 40+ degrees celsius, which can be a great temperature to enjoy snorkeling in whilst your body cools in the water. Still be careful not to burn in the heat of the day. The heat here is humid and especially in the summer although on the coast you can enjoy a sea breeze bringing a slightly cooler atmosphere.

How Do I Get To Djibouti?

Djibouti has its own international airport; Djibouti Ambouli International Airport. From here flights depart to all the neighbouring countries. You can reach this airport direct from: Paris, Istanbul, Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Madagascar. This airport is 5 miles from the city centre. The best way to enjoy snorkeling in Djibouti is from a liveaboard which will give you access to these amazing spots.