Liveaboard Diving in Tiger Beach

What To Expect On A Tiger Beach Liveaboard

Love sharks? Then a dive liveaboard to Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is for you. Enjoy extra levels of excitement and thrills during your dives by diving with sharks without a cage between you. In such crystal clear water it looks like they are flying all around you. It is located 32 km (20 mi) or an hour, by boat, off the coast of the West End of Grand Bahama Island. The depth of this dive area varies from 6m (20 ft) to 30m (100 ft). The visibility is mostly immaculate and almost no to little current. Only a handful of liveaboards operate in the Bahamas and diving Tiger Beach should be within their itineraries. Regarding dive experience needed, they do request for you to have your Open Water certificate with more dives. Some companies will request for at least 30 dives logged. It is best to check prior to booking.

What You Can See

This dive site is a shallow, sandy, clear as day which provides you with a comfortable, easy dive experience. It is quite clear that sharks are the main attraction here, and to be more specific; Tiger sharks. This large shark species is mostly identified by the stripes on their bodies, hence the name Tiger shark. They have become very accustomed to humans in that area, so they are not aggressive. They are lured towards the area by experienced feeders who bring a single crate filled with fish down. The divers will line up behind the feeder and watch the show unfold. The amount of sharks vary from two, to seven and sometimes up to 15. The tiger sharks are there year round, however October to January are the best months as it is their breeding time, and July to August there are the least amount. There are not only tiger sharks there, there are also chances for you to see Nurse sharks, Caribbean Reef sharks and Lemon sharks. Sometimes there is also a chance to see Hammerhead sharks. Sharks are not the only marine life which inhabit these waters, there are also moray eels, large groupers, man fish and on a lucky day, dolphins.

Whether it is purely for the thrill of being so close to these large, majestic creatures, or if you want to capture some underwater photographs and/or pictures, this is the place to be. Choose a Bahamas liveaboard to maximise the experience of diving at Tiger Beach.

Getting To Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach liveaboard itineraries depart from Old Bahama Bay, Grand Bahama, which has its own international airport called the Grand Bahama International Airport, this is a privately owned airport and flights arrive here from numerous destinations within the United States. If flying is not for you, or you want to get a taste of those sparkling turquoise waters, then you can take a ferry from Fort Lauderdale, Florida direct to Grand Bahama.

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