Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Snorkelling in Bahamas will allow you to enjoy the crystal clear blue Caribbean waters and the wonderful life underneath the sea. Bahamas snorkelling can be enjoyed amongst the 700 islands here and involve cays, rocks, reefs and tropical sea. This set of islands was originally explored by Christopher Columbus in 1492 where he found this beautiful paradise arriving at San Salvador and meeting some of the countries 40,000 inhabitants of the time. In the next few centuries the Bahamas became an area for pirates to sail in and out of hunting for hidden treasures including the most famous of all pirates: Blackbeard! When in the Bahamas snorkelling you can explore your own treasures the ones beneath the water and you'll wish to stay forever in this paradise. With so much to enjoy you will not be left disappointed by the snorkel spots around these beautiful islands.

Marine Life In Bahamas

Your snorkel trip to the Bahamas will offer you the opportunity to enjoy swathes of white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and incredible underwater life. The reefs here are rich with beautifully coloured corals: hard and soft, many species of tropical reef fish and sharks. Your snorkel tour of the Bahamas will also include spotting rays, lobster, groupers and with different seasons bring different fish on offer. Different snorkel sites in the Bahamas have a lot to offer you can enjoy thousands of fish or simply colourful reefs whilst here. Don't miss out on the big brain coral, schools of snapper and incredible amount of tropical fish that you can see when snorkelling the Bahamas.

Best Snorkel Sites in Bahamas

Exuma Cays A shallow water site, one of the best snorkel sites in the Bahamas. The Exumas are a true treasure with corals, sea fans and a white sandy bottom. This is a site with grouper, turtles and lobster all enjoying the warmth of the sea. Each coral head is surrounded by fish and giving you a glimpse of one the world's true treasures - the beauty of the reef.

Amberjack Reef This snorkel site in the Bahamas is a patch of reef is full of life. When snorkelling here you will see through clear waters thousands of fish and even a selection reef shark are on offer here if you are lucky. Enjoy the beauty of the corals and variety of fish that live here.

Jeep Reef A popular dive site that can be enjoyed by snorkellers alike. Jeep Reef is one of the healthiest and most colourful. The current here keeping the coral in a healthy state and also brings in a high fish population. By this reef, how it received its name, there lays a jeep encrusted with coral.

Best Time To Snorkel in Bahamas

SEASONS & CONDITIONS: Snorkel trips in the Bahamas are available year round. The conditions here for snorkellers are perfect: clear waters with most sites offered are in sheltered bays and the air temperature a tropical heat keeping you warm in the water.

WATER TEMPERATURES: Water temperatures go down to 26°celsius in the winter from November to January in the Bahamas, but spend most of the year at around 30°Celsius. Alongside the warm air temperatures these are perfect conditions for you to enjoy your snorkelling trip.

How Do I Get To Bahamas?

By air: There are three main international airports here: Nassau, Exumas and Grand Bahama Island. All cater for tourist transport to your next destination. To find your liveaboard port you will need to check the departure point most going from Nassau/Paradise Island the Nassau port, Nassau Harbour Club or Hurricane Hole Marina.