What to expect on a Broome liveaboard

Liveaboard diving in Broome offers divers an excellent variety of coral, fish, and invertebrate life, including many rare species. Due to Broome’s remote location, the underwater landscape and the marine life are undisturbed, and the number of Broome liveaboards is still very small, meaning untouched, pristine scuba diving for the lucky ones that head out this way on their Australian liveaboard.

As the waters of this part of Western Australia are some of the most scarcely visited in the country, the result is an array of incredibly healthy and bio-diverse coral reefs waiting to be explored.

Liveaboard Diving From Broome

If you have made it as far as Broome, it's worth making the most of your time here as a scuba diver. The best way to do this is by boarding a diving liveaboard trip to sample the isolated reefs and crystal clear waters that make for some of Australia's best-unspoiled marine reserves.

Liveaboard.com features Odyssey, a 24-meter catamaran with deluxe accommodation equipped with all the mod cons you'd expect from a top-class diving vessel - including air conditioning, large plasma TVs, and reliable electricity. Sailing from Broome on board Odyssey, you'll be embarking on a cruise of normally 8 days/7 nights, during which guests can enjoy the remote waters of the Rowley Shoals, located some 300 kilometers from the mainland and made up of three reefs, the Mermaid Reef, the Clerke Reef, and the Imperieuse Reef. This remote dive park is the perfect live-aboard diving cruise and ranks as one of the most pristine marine areas in the world.

Here, underwater enthusiasts will view 3 huge coral atolls that make up this unique marine reserve, teaming with life amongst some of the most pristine coral formations on the planet. There's every form of tropical species here, including huge schools of darting small fish to majestic Manta Rays and circling Sharks. The water is glass-like, with visibility often over 50 meters, and warm - commonly reaching a lovely 30 degrees Celsius. Dives range from easy lagoon-based sites in aquarium conditions to thrilling and adrenalin-pumping drifts in the strong currents for which this area is known. The season is normally limited to between September and December, and as a result, these liveaboard trips fill up quickly - early booking is advised!

Scuba divers from their Broome liveaboard will enjoy premier diving, superior service, and luxury accommodations for the pinnacle of diving holidays.

Getting to Broome

Broome is one of the most isolated settlements in Australia (and that is saying something for this country!). You'll need to fly here unless you are driving around Australia as part of a longer trip. The airport is conveniently located and well-served domestically - most flights arrive from and depart to Perth, the state capital of Western Australia.

Perth has a large airport served by many international airlines, and it's generally straightforward to fly directly into here from overseas. It's easy to catch a connecting domestic flight to Broome, where you can join your liveaboard team.